Tiki Bars

"If you can't get to paradise, I'll bring it to you." - Don the Beachcomber

If you have not experienced the pure joy, pleasure and exotica of visiting a tiki bar, I feel very sorry for you, my friend.  Tiki bars offer the best kind of escape from reality paired with a tropical buzz and, if you're lucky, a rainstorm.  My husband and I experienced love at first sip of a Painkiller when we visited our first tiki bar earlier in 2019, but that was just the tip of the pineapple.  I'll admit, this has become an obsession for us.  We visit tiki bars more than once a month, my husband's license plate reads TIKITME and we're in the process of constructing a tiki bar of our own at home, so we can have tiki time everyday!  

P.S.  We even have a crazy cool spreadsheet my husband made which lists out every tiki drink known to us and with some fancy formulas, updated with the booze we have on hand, he can run out a report of all of the tiki drinks he's able to shake up.  Did I mention we're a little obsessed?  

Here's the list of tiki bars we've been drunk at:
  1. The Inferno Room - Indianapolis, Indiana
  2. Strange Bird - Indianapolis, Indiana
  3. Lost Lake - Chicago, Illinois
  4. Three Dots and a Dash - Chicago, Illinois
  5. Tonga Hut - North Hollywood, California
  6. Lono - Hollywood, California
  7. Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar - Anaheim, California
  8. Tonga Room - San Francisco, California
  9. Zombie Village - San Francisco, California
  10. Pagan Idol - San Francisco, California
  11. Smuggler's Cove - San Francisco, California
  12. Adrift - Denver, Colorado
  13. Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29- New Orleans, Louisiana
  14. Tiki Tolteca - New Orleans, Louisiana
  15. Trader Sam's Grog Grotto - Orlando, Florida
  16. Tiki Tiki Lounge - Indianapolis, Indiana
  17. Topside Garden Room - Baltimore, Maryland
  18. The Bamboo Club - Long Beach, California
  19. Foundation - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  20. Wauwatiki Bar & Grill - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  21. At Random - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  22. Trader Nick's South Shore Inn - Cudahy, Wisconsin
  23. The Limbo - Louisville, Kentucky
  24. The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar - Savannah, Georgia
  25. The Reef - Palm Springs, California
  26. Tonga Hut - Palm Springs, California
  27. Tiki Tango - Atlanta, Georgia
  28. Pearl Diver - Nashville, Tennessee
  29. Tarantula Tiki Lounge - Fort Worth, Texas
  30. Frankie's Tiki Room - Las Vegas, Nevada
  31. The Golden Tiki - Las Vegas, Nevada
  32. Chopper - Nashville, Tennessee
  33. Tiki Tiki Bang Bang - Cincinnati, Ohio
  34. Hala Kahiki Tiki Bar & Lounge - River Grove, Illinois
  35. House of Tabu - South Bend, Indiana
  36. Max's South Seas Hideaway - Grand Rapids, Michigan
  37. Mutiny Tiki Bar - Detroit, Michigan
  38. Lost River - Detroit, Michigan
  39. Undertow - Phoenix, Arizona
  40. Hula's Modern Tiki - Phoenix, Arizona
  41. Tiki Ti - Los Angeles, California
  42. The SOS Tiki Bar - Decatur, Georgia
  43. Dirty Dick - Paris, France
  44. Rumba - Seattle, Washington
  45. The Lanai - Vancouver, Washington
  46. Hale Pele - Portland, Oregon
  47. Hula Hula - Seattle, Washington
  48. Inside Passage - Seattle, Washington
  49. Hidden Harbor - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Venture out and discover your missing Aloha.  

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Meeting Martin and Rebecca Cate (the owners of Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco)
at their tiki drink book signing at the Inferno Room in Indianapolis, IN
October, 2019


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