About Me

My name is Bianca and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana - the Hoosier State.  I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up loving cats, Hawaii, surfing, yoga, Disneyland, Roxy clothing, Blink 182, writing letters, Huntington Beach, speeding on the 110, eating In-N-Out (hamburger with spread only), listening to pop punk and shopping at The Block in Orange.  I moved to the Midwest after high school to attend Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis.  I have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Communication from Indiana University and, as you would correctly assume, I work in the legal field.  I'm a social human and have several close friends, but am against using the term "best friend" as I have many friends who are the best in their own way.  I love sending snail mail, birthday cards and postcards.  Some say I have an "old soul" for this, but I just think I'm thoughtful.  I've become addicted to wanderlust and love traveling - anywhere and everywhere and for anything- and I like to share my stories (hence this blog).  

<3 B

P.S.  Follow me on Instagram at crazy_cat_cafe_girl.


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