I haven't blogged in a LONG time...

Aloha friends!

I haven't blogged since August, 2020.  Shame on me.

I started this blog a few years ago because I was visiting a bunch of cat cafes and wanted a space to remember my experiences.  I also wrote about other topics that seemed interesting to me like travel, waffle recipes, life lessons and Christmas trees.  Then, in the middle of my cat café adventures, someone threw a little swizzle stick into my gears and I traveled down a sandy little path to the land of Don the Beachcomber, Leeteg and Martin Denny.  In a few short years, my husband and I have visited 33 tiki bars across the U.S.  I plan to write more about those later.  

Between August and now, a lot of things have happened.  New shit has come to light, man.  I love The Big Lebowski.  Have I told you that yet?  I traveled to many lands, far and near, but always with my trusty mask!  I got my 6th tattoo, celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary in Palm Springs, took Thai cooking classes with David and Annie from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé, flew to Kansas City for BBQ, slept in a 1956 tiki Airstream in Atlanta, turned 33 snow tubing down a mountain in Colorado, took my mom for her first visit to Disney World (and ate two Dole Whips), got vaccinated (partially), lost 15 pounds on Noom, kissed the grave of James Dean and partied with tiki fans at Arizona Tiki Oasis in Scottsdale.  Which brings me to now, sitting in my Airbnb in Phoenix looking out at the blue skies and palm trees swaying in that desert breeze.  I love the desert.  Have I told you that yet?

I'm writing this blog as an intention to start writing again.  I'm not sure how I lost my writing motivation or was just too busy planning ahead, but I'm writing now and that's what matters.  As my Noom coach Karen would say after my return from a lapse in logging food and reading articles, this "shows [I am] determined to get back on track."  If I write it down, I'll remember it better, right?

Catch you later.  I'm finishing WandaVision.  I can't believe it's been Agatha all along!  

<3 B

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