Long time, no write...

I feel like a failure.

The last time I blogged was June, 2019.  It's January, 2020 - pretty much February.  I started blogging in November, 2018 with the intention of actually writing about cat cafes, travel, waffles and shit, but then I started a new job (which is AMAZING) and then distraction walked through the door with his cute smile and blue eyes.  No, not an actual person - just symbolism - maybe.  I'll blame it on the Mai Tais because I've been getting lost in the tiki bar cosmos (more blogs to come).

I'm not the biggest loser though.  In the fall, I signed up for a women's writing class.  I didn't know what to expect, but, to be completely honest, I was pretty stoked the class was being held in a haunted house.  I didn't see any apparitions, but I could feel their presence.  I also wanted to exert my writing skills beyond that of papers and research I drafted in college.  I don't think I'm a particularly good writer, but, conversely, I'm not terrible enough to make you walk off a ledge.  I can probably hold a reader's attention for a couple minutes which is why my blogs are short AF.

The end.

Just kidding.  The writing class not only enabled me to conjure up thoughts and ideas that might not have wanted to come out of hiding, but helped me figure out more of my "voice."  Such a cliche concept, I know I know, but finding your writing voice (if you're ever so lucky) has been an invigorating process.  Finding my "voice" was not so much as discovering a writing style that spoke to me and allowed me to convey the mishmash of my brain on paper, but it was more of writing about anything and everything I could think of - whether or not they really mattered or were deep.  I found myself writing about umbrellas, lipstick, hallways and doors, the end of summer, recovery, first encounters, the desire to go home, being stuck and, of course, my cat.  

The purpose of this blog is 1) to get back into the habit of writing and adding to this blog/digital time capsule so I don't forget parts of my life; and 2) to preach that it doesn't matter what you write about, as long as you write.  I prefer to just start typing to see what comes out of my subconscious which, in this case, was that I feel like a failure.  I'll blame that on the fact that I'm a Capricorn and failure is never an option, so no more excuses, I'll just keep writing...

Thanks for listening.

<3 B

This is me at the end of 2019.  I cut off my hair to look like a modern flapper.  True story.


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