Gem City Catfe - Dayton, Ohio

One random Friday in March, I had the sudden urge to just drive and visit a cat cafe.  I didn't mind driving out of state, so I pulled out my iPhone and Googled all cat cafes in the surrounding states and Dayton, Ohio sounded good to me!  I got in the car, turned on Sirius XM's Alt Nation and drove the hour and 45 minute commute to the Gem City Catfe.

I feel like I say this pretty often, but every new cat cafe I visit soon becomes my new favorite cat cafe so, at the moment, Gem City Catfe is on the top of my list.  Gem City was pretty top notch for an array of reasons.  Would you like me to list them?  I'm so glad you asked.

  1. You are allowed to pick up cats that are walking about.  #mindblown
  2. The cat lounge didn't smell like a dirty litter box.
  3. The cat cafe was both a lounge and cafe; the best of both worlds.
  4. The two worlds are separated by a glass partition, so if you're allergic to cats or whatever, you can still see them out and about through the glass.
  5. The staff was extremely kind, friendly and energetic.
  6. The staff didn't hover.
  7. There were lots of areas to sit in the cat lounge.
  8. The cat lounge was clean and wasn't cluttered or messy.
  9. The chai lattes were delicioso.
  10. They had kittens.
  11. They sold cat cafe stickers for my laptop.
  12. They had a kitty snack time where they gave everyone in the cat lounge kitty treats to pass out.
  13. Because you had kitty treats, you got extra kitty love and attention.
  14. There were lots of windows, so the space was bright and open.
I've bolded the ones that really give me the warm and fuzzies.  I know this list might seem like "Well, duh" but no, not well, duh.  Every cat cafe is unique in its own way and these are just some attributes that happen to coincide with what I personally enjoy and appreciate.  I think what would make my experience 150% would be if the cat cafe exclusively played ABBA songs on loop.  Just saying.  It wouldn't be the worst idea ever.  

The Cafe Side

The Cat Lounge Side

For $10/person, you get an hour long session in the cat lounge.  There were about a dozen different kitties to play with and lots of little hiding places for them to sneak around and into so it was like an Easter egg hunt.  Light music played in the cat lounge (no, not ABBA sadly) so you were relaxed by some light pop music.  There were plenty of places to sit, including bar height stools by the front windows so you could watch passerbys or set up your laptop and do some work or read a book.  In fact, there were nice sitting areas all over for whatever your preference - bar height stools, cushions on the floor, hardwood floor, cafe tables and chairs, stairs and benches.  Gem City does not discriminate against seating options and for that, I thank you.  One of the coolest moments at Gem City that I've never done at any other cat cafe was being able to participate in kitty snack time.  A staff member came out and handed out kitty treats to everyone to pass out to the cats and the cats got so amped up and were approaching everyone.  It's a great way for the cafe to encourage the cats to be a little social with some positive reinforcement and good ol' bribery.

The Lower Section of the Cat Lounge

Meowrville Wright Planning His Escape

So, the next time you have an open day where you're wondering what you should do, Google nearby cat cafes, get in the car and go!  You might be like me and be pleasantly surprised by what Dayton, Ohio offers.  If you do go to Dayton, there's a tasty Thai restaurant about five minutes from Gem City called Thai9 that had some bomb diggity crab rangoons.  

Thanks for the good vibes, Gem City!

<3 B

Me in Love

Gem City Catfe is located at 1513 E. 5th Street, Dayton, Ohio 45403.  Reservations are recommended.


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