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I do not feel myself authorized to reject all ghost stories; for however improbable one taken alone might appear, the mass of them taken together command credence.  - Immanual Kant

I believe in ghosts.  I believe that some poor souls just cannot cross over into the netherrealm for whatever reason it is that they're pulled to remain on Earth.  Some call it "unfinished business" and others call it nonsense.  To those naysayers out there, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but just you wait for your day to come.  I pray that you never get caught in the Upside Down.

Since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated with ghosts, spirits and the supernatural.  I'd like to clarify that my fascination with ghosts isn't that of going to Knott's Scary Farm to scare myself in a haunted maze, but rather a real and deep interest in what happens to those whose souls prevent them from the next life.  That's another blog at another time.  Growing up, I lived in a home that, I believe, wasn't only occupied by myself, my parents and my brother.  There was someone or some kind of energy that also inhabited the house which was evident by the sound of steps in the hallway in the middle of the night and always the lingering feeling of being watched, but when you turn around, nothing and no one is there.  Over my life, I've had some odd and inexplicable encounters that is proof to myself that ghosts are real.  If you keep an open mind, perplexing things tend to happen.  

My interest in ghosts has continued through my adult life.  I enjoy reading and hearing the stories of past spirits who occupy space.  I've visited haunted locations to check them out for myself and learn about their history and accounts.  When I travel to new destinations, I like to look up local walking ghost tours where you can not only learn about the history of a city, but also its past residents who just haven't left.  I've participated in great ghost tours in New Orleans, San Antonio, San Francisco, Crown Hill Cemetery and the Winchester Mystery House and have not been disappointed.  I always leave these tours learning SO much more about the past and forever yearning to learn more.  Thank God for Google!

For those of you who don't "get" what a ghost tour is, keep reading.

Photo Taken by Lydia Deetz - 1988

What is a ghost tour?  A ghost tour is an informative learning excursion where you usually walk around a city, building or home and listen to someone tell you stories about the city, building or home's past residents in said place who have since passed away; however, some moment in time for this past resident continues to take place and they (or their victims) continue to linger in the present.  It's really just one long history lesson.

How long does a ghost tour last?  Usually around 2 hours, but they all vary.

What can I expect to learn during a ghost tour?  A narrative account of odd history and inexplicable stories about people from the past - usually people who are dead.  If you're on a walking city ghost tour, you can also expect to learn about the city's past history.

Are ghost tours scary?  They can be - especially if you participate in an evening ghost tour, but depends on how easily you scare.  Ghost tours do not include people jumping out at you to scare you, but some of the stories that are told are pretty spooky and you might feel a bit uneasy touring a haunted location in the middle of the night where someone, years ago, died and you noticed a shadow moving out of the corner of your eye...

Will a ghost follow me home?  This isn't the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, but those who bring bad JuJu leave with bad JuJu and those who come with positive JuJu leave with positive JuJu.

What is JuJu?  Positive and negative spiritual vibrations and energy that people and places carry with them.

So, the next time you travel to a new place or just want something different to do on a Friday night, look up local ghost tours and pay tribute to those things, people and places of the past.  

Spook up your life!

<3 B

P.S. Below are links to the ghost tour companies I've booked with that I would recommend.

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