Romeow Cat Bistrot - Rome, Italy

But first, a cat joke.  How do Italian cats say hello and goodbye?  Miao!

In September of 2018, I spent 10 lovely days in Italy - 3 of those days in Rome.  While everyone else was busy admiring the Colosseum, touring the Roman Ruins and praying inside the Vatican, I was getting my groove on with some local cats and officially going international with my cat cafe ventures!

In the hip Testaccio neighborhood sits a small and quaint little cafe known as the Romeow Cat Bistrot.  Romeow is unlike any cat cafe I've been to in the United States in that the cats at the cafe are not up for adoption.  They're pretty much just house cats who accompany you whilst you enjoy some Italian food, sip your espresso and color inside one of the many adult coloring books littered on the tables.  Of course, while adoptions are a great cause, so is just enjoying yourself some "me time" in Italy with cats.  Romeow is small restaurant, so there is a counter you can order food and drinks to-go or just take a seat at one of the cafe tables and someone will wait on you.  Because of this, there is no cover charge at Romeow.  

One of the best things about Romeow was that the cats were SUPER friendly and the staff allows you to pick them up.  One white cat just jumped right up on my lap and made himself at home there.  Of course, he covered my black yoga pants in white fur, but it was so worth it to be recipient of some pawsitive cat-tention.  Did you like my use of paw, positive, cat and attention?!  I might be spending too much time around felines... 

Aside from partaking in the ambiance of being in Rome with friendly kitties, I also enjoyed the tastiest iced tea of MY ENTIRE LIFE (Tea Forte, people, Tea Forte...) and a fancy iced latte with a - get this - pasta straw!  While I sipped, I was able to admire the many Margaret Keane-esque paintings of famous people with their cats.  When in Rome...

The Tastiest Iced Tea of My Life!

I'm so glad I took a side trip off the beaten touristy Roman path and discovered Romeow.  It contributed to a very versatile trip around Rome and I can't wait to return.


<3 B

P.S. Romeow is a real cat - he's the house cat and pictured below.

Romeow Cat Bistrot is located at Via Francesco Negri, 15, 00154, Rome, Italy.  Reservations are not necessary - only for lunch.


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