TSA Precheck - The 8th Wonder of the Modern World

Close your eyes.  Are they closed?  Well, I guess you can't close them and continue to read, so "figuratively" close your eyes and imagine this scene in your mind.

You're preparing to fly out of town for the weekend and you're running late to the airport.  You get dropped off and briskly walk to the check-in counter to check your bag.  There's a little bit of a line, so you really start stressing because after you check your bag, you STILL have to get in line and go through security.  You finally get your bag checked and power walk to the security line.  To your dismay, there are about 30 people in line ahead of you and your flight leaves in 35 minutes.  Everyone's clumsily taking off their shoes to walk through the security scanner, slowly removing their jackets, struggling to keep their kids in line, pulling out laptops... and you're still in line waiting...

Did you know there's a delightful solution to this misery?  Indeed there is and it's called TSA Pre✔.

What is TSA Pre✔?  It's a paid program for eligible "low risk" travelers to enjoy a quicker security screening at the airport.  With TSA Pre✔, you no longer need to remove your shoes, jacket (most of the time), laptop (usually) and liquids prior to going through the security screen.  You simply put your items on the security belt, walk through the security screen, grab your stuff and head to your gate.  TSA Pre✔ also has its own line at the airport that you get access to, so gone are the days of long security lines.  

How much does TSA Pre✔ cost?  Of course, things that make our busy lives easier come at a price.  TSA Pre✔costs $85 for a 5-year membership (essentially $17/year); however, you have to apply for it and undergo and pass a federal background check before you can qualify and begin reaping the benefits.  

Where do I apply for TSA Pre✔?  You can begin the TSA Pre✔ application process here.

TSA Pre✔ was the best travel decision I have ever made and it has come in handy countless times at airports when I was running behind and/or traveling during holiday weekends with hundreds of other travelers.  I know I've saved at least 30 minutes (and more) on several occasions.  For example, I was heading back to Indianapolis from Ontario, California and there were so many people heading out that day that there two lines for security - the security line and the line to get into the security line.  The line of people waiting to get into the security line had at least 50 people and the security line had around the same number of travelers.  Because I had TSA Pre✔, I was able to bypass both lines, get right into the TSA Pre✔ line and went straight through security - all in about 5 minutes.  I know if I didn't have TSA Pre✔ that day, I easily would have been in line for around 45 minutes just to get through security.

Moral of this story - get TSA Pre✔ and look forward to a future of stress-free travel and no longer needing to remove your shoes and walking across that disgusting airport floor anymore!  #winning 

<3 B


  1. Does you +1 enjoy the benefits? Most times when we purchase our tickets together, Anna also gets to go through pre check. But one time when we were running late for a connector flight, she didn't. Ugh, the stress of it all!!

    1. Sorry for the long delay in responding! I didn't know about the +1 benefits. Coby and I each have our own pre-check passes, so we've never run into the issue Anna had. The pass has benefited us more than it has inconvenienced us. The one bad experience we had was that the pre-check line closed at like 4PM on a Sunday at an airport (I can't remember which one), so we had to stand in line like the normals. We still got to keep our shoes on though.


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