Gift Ideas for Christmas and Beyond!

I love giving gifts - it's one of my love languages.  I love the challenge of trying to find that perfect something for someone that reflects who they are, what they love and what I admire about them.  Are you struggling this holiday season trying to think of a gift for someone on your list?  Fear not!  Santa's little helper, Miss B, has come to the rescue!

When I give a gift, I like to give the gift of an experience that will elicit wonderful memories for years to come.  We have our whole lives to accumulate tangible things, but collecting memories can be a little more challenging.  For this reason, giving the gift of an experience that will forever remain in someone's memory is priceless.  Here are some gift experience recommendations:
  • Concert tickets
    • Check Groupon for great concert deals (yes, they're legit)
  • Sporting event tickets
    • You can get some really inexpensive ticket packages for minor league teams
  • Unique restaurant gift cards
    • Think outside the Olive Garden box
  • Beer/wine tasting experience
  • Museum tickets/membership
  • Music lessons
    • I've always wanted to learn how to play piano (hint hint)
  • Play/musical tickets
    • Phantom of the Opera is the bee's knees
  • Cat cafe gift card
    • I have to recommend this...
  • Wine & Canvas gift certificate
    • Paint and drink - anyone can do it
  • Local tour reservation
    • Be a tourist in your own city!
    • I personally am a fan of the ghost tours (o0o0o0o0o)
  • Dinner theatre tickets
    • People like to eat and be entertained while they're eating
  • Trip voucher
    • Get creative and creative a little "coupon" for a place you'll take the person
  • For couples, booking a night/weekend at a hotel
    • Even if it's a local hotel/Airbnb, it changes things up
  • Tickets to the Acro-Cats
    • Look up for a show nearest you!
  • Airline gift card
    • Encourage people to go out and see the world!
  • Treat someone to a meal
    • Again, people like to eat
  • Disney on Ice tickets
    • No one is "too old" for Disney on Ice
  • Comedy show tickets
  • Personal wellness experiences
    • Spa, mani/pedi, facial, massage...
  • Surf lessons
    • Everyone should feel the rush of catching a wave!
  • Put on your Stick Stickly thinking cap and you'll think of something great!
Hopefully, these ideas will help you out this year when you're brainstorming what to get for that special someone in your life.  

Happy Gifting and remember - don't be the person who always gives bananas...

<3 B

P.S.  Don't forget to write/send a thank you note for the gifts you receive.


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