Denver Cat Company - Denver, Colorado

I'm pretty confident that the Mile High City will no longer be recognized for its pro football team, snow covered Rockies or craft beer once word gets around that there's a cat cafe nuzzled within!  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the Denver Cat Company and my #2 favorite cat cafe.  Where should I begin...?!

Denver Cat Cafe is located just northwest of downtown Denver in a cute little hipster neighborhood that boasts great coffee shops and, my favorite, Denver Biscuit Company.  Doz biscuits tho.  By paying a cover charge of $7/person, you get access to the cat cafe for AS LONG AS YOU WANT (this is the only cat cafe I've visited that offers this perk).  You're also permitted to leave and come back; at least they said I could do this.  This is also the only cat cafe I've visited that actually resembles a coffee shop/cafe where there are tables and chairs available to sit at, socialize, hang out and maybe do some work on your laptop - all the while friendly kitties are walking around, jumping on tables or, if you're lucky enough, curling up in your lap just begging you to adopt them.  

Denver Cat Company does not sell fancy coffee or drinks, but simply serves coffee from one of those stainless steel pumps (I'm guessing they brew with a Mr. Coffee in the back).  For this reason, I think the cats are able to intermingle close to the coffee pump (i.e. no health code violation there because they don't have a food/beverage counter).  

What I love about Denver Cat Company is the laid back attitude of the owners and workers.  Get this - they actually allow you to pick up the cats and cuddle with them!  Whaaaa??  Yep!  The people of Denver actually understand what's nearest and dearest to our cat lover hearts.  In addition to these wonderful allowances, both times I've been, they've always had kittens roaming around which makes the visit complete because you get to just scoop them up in your hand, let them nap on you and re-learn the meaning of falling in love.  

Thanks for the love, Denver.

<3 B

Denver Cat Company is located at 3929 Tennyson Street, Denver, Colorado 80212.  Reservations are not required. 


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