Christmas Travel Tree

Let's start off with a quick vocabulary lesson:  

Monotonous:  Dull, tedious and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest.

Lackluster:  Lacking in vitality, force or conviction; uninspired or uninspiring.

Do you find yourself putting out the same Christmas decorations every year to the point that it feels a bit monotonous and lackluster?  Do you want some change in your life?!  Are you tired of being predictable?!  Is 2018 the year you introduce a new side to your Christmas decorating?!  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, there might be a solution.  Three words.  Christmas Travel Tree.

I decided I wanted to change things up this year, so I put on my Stick Stickly thinking cap (kids of the 90s will get that reference) and made up my mind to make a travel-themed Christmas tree.  I travel a lot and when I do, I LOVE sending postcards to my friends, family and loved ones to share my experiences with them.  The coolest part of my hobby is that it is rubbing off on others to reciprocate, so I've been receiving postcards from my friends' travels and I save them all.  I wanted to find a way to showcase these brilliant picture postcards when I thought about hanging them on my Christmas tree.  This way, they're not cooped up in a little shoe box and have the chance to get some fresh air for a month and I can admire them.  

Here's the outcome:

I also incorporated postcards and ornaments from my own travels, but what I love most about the tree is that it is comprised mainly of postcards from others.  I have some pretty awesome friends.  For those who have sent me postcards, did you see yours?  

Obviously, you don't have to decorate a tree with postcards, but some other ideas could be:
  • Cooking Tree (covered with food ornaments and recipes)
  • Photo Tree (covered with photos of people and things you love)
  • Christmas Card Tree (covered with Christmas cards of past and present you've received)
  • Disney Tree (covered with Disney ornaments and all things Disney)
  • Cat Tree (I guess I have to offer this suggestion)
  • Color Trees (covered in single color themed ornaments)
  • You get the idea
Happy Decorating!  

<3 B 

P.S.  The travel theme also creeped its way over to the fireplace mantle...


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