Hello, my name is Bianca.

Hello Cyber People and Happy Thanksgiving Day Weekend!

I never thought I'd start a blog and for good reason - I think.  First, who would want to read about what I'm doing and/or really care what I have to say?  Second, will I really have anything novel to share with you that you haven't heard of and/or experienced?  Third, maybe my words will come off as self-absorbed and braggish?  Nonetheless, I'd like to think of this blog as a trapper keeper of my 30 years of  life, so I don't forget something.  I've been traveling and experiencing the world and its people and I have something to say about it.  All good things, all good things... 

I guess I'll start with a little tidbit about myself.  My name is Bianca.  I'm 30 years old and live in Indianapolis, Indiana - the Hoosier State.  I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up loving cats, Hawaii, surfing, yoga, Disneyland, Roxy clothing, Blink 182, writing letters, Huntington Beach, speeding on the 110 freeway, eating In-N-Out (hamburger with spread only) and shopping at The Block in Orange.  I moved to the Midwest after high school to attend Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis.  I have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Communication from Indiana University and, as you would correctly assume, I work in the legal field.  I'm a social human being and have several close friends, but am against using the term "best friend" as I have many friends who are the best in their own way.  I love sending snail mail, birthday cards and postcards.  Some say I have an "old soul" for this, but I just think I'm thoughtful.  I've become addicted to wanderlust and love traveling - anywhere and everywhere and for anything- and I like to share my stories (hence this blog).  

Now that I've introduced myself, here goes nothing...

<3 B

P.S.  That's me.


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