The Tattoo

Have you always told yourself you'd never get a tattoo because tattoos are "unprofessional," "trashy" and/or require too much commitment?  I used to have these beliefs and ways of thinking; however, as I've gotten older, I've developed an increasingly laid back attitude and have decided to view life through a different lens - call it rose colored.  Plus, tattoos are quickly becoming the norm and not the exception in today's culture which is actually a pretty cool thing.  Tattoos are an art form and allow avenues of self expression, plus most look totally badass!  I've always secretly envied those fearless individuals who get tattoos all over their arms, wishing I were as courageous to do the same, but I'd resorted to the reality that I would never be a member of that club.  I'd always be the person who peered over the edge of the pool, but never dove in.

A few months back, I was having lunch with a friend who told me about a book she was reading about human nature and making decisions.  Specifically, it was about why we, as humans, have a goal or something in mind that we want to do, but never actually do what needs to be done to make the goal come to fruition.  Maybe this is laziness or indefinite procrastination, but she decided enough was enough and she was going to start making things happen.  Among the goals in her life was getting a tattoo she had wanted for years, but just hadn't made the first move to simply schedule it with a tattoo parlor.  This wasn't her first tattoo either, so fear of the unknown wasn't holding her back.  She was holding herself back telling herself many of life's cliche excuses we all tell ourselves, but she decided enough was enough and scheduled it.

This inspired me because there was a tattoo I'd also wanted dating back to high school (no, not a nautical star) and had actually been thinking about it prior to the lunch meeting.  I believe this was the conversation I needed to have because after 10+ years of wanting to do something and not doing anything about it, enough was enough for me.  I was also holding myself back with life's cliche excuses, but now I was going to make the plunge.

I recently spent some time in Southern California and due to the significance of the tattoo's personal symbolism, I wanted to have the tattoo done in my home state.  

Friends, please meet Myrtle, my mermaid.  

And yes, it hurt.  It hurt A LOT.  It hurt more than I ever would have imagined it hurting, but it was worth it and I'm so happy today for finally just doing it!  Plus, Myrtle makes all of the black clothing I wear look 10x better with a pop of color!  We were meant to be.

So, after making the decision to get a tattoo and actually getting it, I encourage you to take that leap into something or someone you've also been procrastinating about.  I hope you'll be as proud with your decision as I am with mine.  We are our only hindrance in life, so quit standing on the edge of the pool and dive in!  

<3 B

P.S. For those wondering what my mother said, when I showed her the tattoo I told her "Go big or go home!"  She responded "Go home!"  LoL  But for real, she said she likes it.  


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