The Quest for Cat Cafes

Here's my second post - cat cafes.

Before I explode your mind with cuteness, I must explain that cat cafes were the true inspiration behind starting a blog.  The past few years, as cat cafes have grown significantly in popularity (at least I think), I've been making an effort to visit them when I travel.  My friends think I'm a crazy cat lady, but I assure you, I'm not, and I only have one cat.  I think "cat enthusiast" is a better description of myself.  Because I've been traveling and visiting cat cafes, several friends encouraged me to start a blog to capture and share my kitty experiences with the cyber world.  Apparently, it's a pretty unique thing and I don't know anyone who has visited more cat cafes than myself, so why not tell you about it so that you can decide for yourself if the cat cafe craze is something worth delving into?  

I understand not everyone is knowledgeable of the greatness of this thing called a cat cafe, so I'll offer an explanation.  A cat cafe is a space where several adoptable cats live and, after you pay a cover fee, you can play with, cuddle and hold the cats all the while enjoying a beverage (sometimes boozy, but usually coffee) and relaxing.  Think of Starbucks, but with cats walking around everywhere.  Every cat cafe is unique and each has their own set of rules and offerings. 

Instead of writing one big blog about every cat cafe I've been to, I'm going to break it up and randomly include posts in this blog about the ones I've visited, but below is the up-to-date list of cat cafes I've been to and plan on going to.  Throughout my posts, I'll include cute photos of kitties I've met in real life which will immediately lower your blood pressure and you'll suddenly feel uncontrollable bouts of happiness that will make you want to order blue raspberry BlowPops for all of your friends.  Just maybe.

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Cat cafes I've visited...

1.  Crumbs and Whiskers - Los Angeles, California
2.  Nine Lives Cat Cafe - Indianapolis, Indiana
3.  Denver Cat Company - Denver, Colorado
4.  Koneko - New York, New York
5.  Meow Parlour - New York, New York
6.  La Gattara Cat Lounge & Boutique - Tempe, Arizona
7.  Crooked Tail Cat Cafe - Greensboro, North Carolina
8.  Mauhaus - St. Louis, Missouri
9.  Blue Cat Cafe - Austin, Texas
10.  Romeow Cat Bistrot - Rome, Italy
11.  Purrfect Day Cafe - Louisville, Kentucky

Cat cafes I hope to visit in 2019...

1.  Kitty Brew Cat Cafe - Cincinnati, Ohio
2.  Eat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe - Columbus, Ohio
3.  The Windy Kitty - Chicago, Illinois
4.  Sip & Purr Cat Cafe - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5.  Mewsic Kitty Cafe - Nashville, Tennessee
6.  The Cafe Meow - Minneapolis, Minnesota 


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