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Happy Cat Café - Grand Rapids, Michigan

It was a cold, blustery day in the Mitten State when Bianca was driving north to the Atomic Tiki Bazaar art show in Grand Rapids from Indianapolis.  " I love cats " she thought as she gripped the steering wheel.  " I love cat cafes " and a smile spread across her face as she shifted her VW into sport mode and allowed her lead foot to snuggle up to the gas pedal.  It had been several months since Bianca had visited a new cat café and she was ready to add some new feline destinations to her list, so when her friends announced they'd be hosting a tiki art show in Grand Rapids, her first thought was " Rad!  I'll be there! " and her second was " There's a cat café in Grand Rapids and I must go ."  So, she did. Happy Cat Café has a concept I truly appreciate; a coffee shop side and a cat side.  This way, the cat café gets to benefit from cat lovers, coffee lovers, cat lovers who are allergic to cats or someone who fell in love with a cat lo

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